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Black Phlox Candle Co. Presents: "Jewel"


Every Black Phlox Scent is a curated essence, within each of our scents there lies a story, a memory, and a silent tribute. Our latest creation, Jewel, encapsulates such a tale. With every layer, it whispers of brightness, warmth, and an unyielding depth.


Top Note: The vivacious allure of Tangerine dances forth, a radiant burst reminiscent of the infectious joy of a sunlit smile.


Heart Note: Beneath, the deep richness of Black Currant weaves its spell, wrapping you in a comforting embrace that lingers and reassures.


Base Note: Grounding this sensory journey is the timeless elegance of Oud, a testament to a steadfast spirit, an anchor of profound goodness.


Jewel stands as a beacon of love and grace, an ode to a presence that is felt deeply in its essence. A scent so distinct and captivating, it beckons hearts near and far and envelops those who spritz it in comfort.


Each note of Jewel offers more than just an aromatic journey; it holds space for us, and provides a serene moment of reflection and a deep connection to something genuinely unique. Dive in and let Jewel guide you through a dance of cherished memories, capturing the essence of warmth, grace, and a luminous spirit that transcends time and connects us all.

Jewel 4 oz Room Spray

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