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Black Phlox Candle Co. - "Cool Beans Wax Melts"


Embrace the magic of connection with each melt of our uniquely crafted Cool Beans Wax Melts:

Top Note: As the wax begins to liquefy, the robust aroma of Chickory wafts through, reminiscent of cherished early morning walks amid a tapestry of amber leaves.


Heart Note: With the warmth of the melt, an inviting scent of Hazelnut surfaces, evoking the feeling of intertwined moments in a comforting embrace, deepening the sentiment and capturing the gentle glow of golden-hued afternoons.


Base Note: And as the fragrance unfolds, a tender undertone of French Vanilla graces the atmosphere, soft as a whispered secret, bringing warmth akin to a gentle embrace.


Each melt of Cool Beans is more than an olfactory delight; it's an essence of unity, love, and timeless moments shared. Let its warmth fill your space, enveloping you in the heartfelt memories of seasons past and present.

Cool Beans Wax Melts

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