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🏳️‍🌈 Black Phlox Candle Co. PRIDE Collection


Unleash a symphony of vibrant aromas and feelings with our PRIDE Collection, a palette of six stunning candles each embodying an attribute of the rainbow. Each color, each scent, mirrors a facet of the diverse and beautiful PRIDE community. From the vivacious vitality of "Life," the soothing tranquility of "Healing," the radiant optimism of "Sunlight," the earthy embrace of "Nature," the serene calm of "Serenity," to the individual brilliance of "Spirit," this collection curates an olfactory journey celebrating love, diversity, and self-expression.


Ignite these candles to light up your surroundings with the colors of PRIDE, infusing your space with an array of intoxicating aromas that transport your senses while reflecting the colorful spectrum of human identities. Each flicker, each whiff, is a testament to the enduring spirit of acceptance, unity, and unabashed self-love.


Black Phlox Candle Co.'s PRIDE Collection is more than just candles - it's a luminous tribute to the vibrant heart of the PRIDE community. Embrace this collection, and let every corner of your home resonate with the joyous symphony of PRIDE.


Fragrance Notes:

LIFE: Tropical Fruit, Citrus, Mountain Greens

HEALING: Powder, Sweet musk

SUNLIGHT: Zesty Lemon, Rose, and Geranium

NATURE: Oak, rose petals, and fresh cedar

SERENITY: Teakwood and clean lavender

SPIRIT: Blak Currant and Wild Musk







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